Trevor Bell – TikTok Mastery

TikTok Mastery

Trevor Bell – TikTok Mastery

Welcome to my TikTok Course. Firstly, I want to congratulate you  because if you are here you have made an investment in yourself to learn and leverage TikTok.  Did you know that influencers and brands are already monetizing on TikTok? More and more creators migrate to TikTok everyday making it one of the fastest growing platforms in the world today.

In this course I will be teaching you everything I learned growing my TikTok  from 0 to 1,000,000, in less than 6 months and how many of my friends have grown their following to over 5 Million+. Organic reach on TikTok is the highest it has ever been so don’t miss your opportunity.

What You Get:

How to figure out your inner superstar within

  • Understanding your unique talent or interest

How go differentiate yourself from everyone else on social media

  • Market analyzing (ie. Is it too saturated?)
  • How can you differentiate?

How to set up your Tik Tok account for success

  • Creating your account
  • Picking a username
  • Difference between Personal Account to Pro Account
  • Understanding Analytics

How to utilize High-level music and effect tactics to create viral content

  • Using in app music
  • Using in app effects
  • Using in app filters
  • Text Overlays
  • Setting thumbnails

How to properly use hashtags and viral music to boost your content to viral status

  • Finding trending hashtags and challenges on the discover page
  • Utilizing “add to favorites’ feature to save trending concepts and popular music

How to get and negotiate with brands and Sponsors to earn thousands a month

  • Brand Deals
  • TikTok Influencer Campaigns
  • In app Campaigns
  • Making money with LIVE (1,000 follower minimum)
  • Virtual Gifts

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