Jeff Sauer – Google Ads Bootcamp

Google Ads Bootcamp

Jeff Sauer – Google Ads Bootcamp

A 5-day Crash Course on Profit-Driven Advertising for Google Ads

  • Set your budget and profit-maximizing targets using the Data Driven Google Ads calculators
  • Build the winning account structure that Google doesn’t want you to know about
  • Uncover hidden, low-cost keywords that convert your customers
  • Execute the one optimization strategy that always leads to PPC success

In this course we’ll cover…

#1 The Rules of Profit-Driven Advertising

Implement The Five Rules you need to maximize your profits on Google Ads

#2 Budgeting and Profit Maximizing

Set YOUR Data-Driven budget and targets for Google Ads (and avoid wasted ad spend)

#3 Healthy Account Structure

Build the account structure that will outperform Google estimates… and your competition

#4 Keyword Targeting

Uncover low-cost keyword opportunities that are already converting your customers

#5 Account Optimization

Turn your Google Ads account into an ROI increasing machine that produces better and better results over time

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Josh George – Google Ads for Beginners

In this course, you’ll be able to watch me in real-time as I show you EXACTLY how I set up and run profitable Google ads campaigns from complete scratch.

Instead of just giving you the theory and then leaving it up to you to figure it all out, you can also watch over my shoulder and see how to implement everything I’m teaching. Making the course and everything you learn super actionable.

The process I follow throughout the course is the SAME process I use when setting up and creating ads for my clients, so you can be confident what you’re learning is indeed used in the real world and does actually work.

I will also give you access to the exact spreadsheets I use at my agency so you have everything at your disposal

This Google Ads Course Includes

  • 4.5 hours on-demand video
  • 3 downloadable resources
  • 6 quizzes to test your knowledge throughout

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