Instagram Video Ads Mastery – Delano

Instagram Video Ads Mastery – Delano

Instagram Video Ads Mastery – Delano

Gram, Insta, Instagram … Whatever you call this social network, one thing is invariable-small squares have a huge impact. They rule the world, they allow you to control the opinion and even the political views of people. Historians and marketing educators may consider this effect. But now one thing is clear: Instagram is an effective tool for promoting a business. It is not difficult to use it. But how?

If you have already tried to launch advertising on Instagram, created a public page to promote your own business, or promote an affiliate program, but nothing worked – this article was written for you. This guide is suitable for everyone who plans to promote through social networks, regardless of their activity (online sales, affiliate marketing on IG, or local business). How to run Instagram ads? Why use video ads, how to achieve high conversions? Let’s talk about this.

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