How to get the free course?

This is how you get our free courses. Follow the instructions below to get the free courses after selecting the one you want for yourself.

Steps to get the free course:

Scroll down to the course content and you will see this box.

step 1

Please like social media platforms or share this course on social media platforms in the box, or you can wait for 10 seconds and the box will disappear.

First, go to the ‘Confirm your subscription to iBusiness Course‘ email and click ‘I confirm my subscription!

comfirm sub

After you click ‘I confirm my subscription!’ you will receive an email of the course.

Please check your Email after you sign up. Maybe the course email is in the Promotions section.

step 2

After accessing the email, click on the button shown below.

Step 3

After accessing the link, request access and wait for us for at most 6 hours to be granted access to this course.

Video Tutorial

Any questions please contact us via our Facebook live chat.