Business Buyer Advantage – David Barnett

Business Buyer Advantage – David Barnett

Business Buyer Advantage – David Barnett

Business Buyer Advantage is a book and training program that teaches individuals how to buy and acquire small and medium-sized businesses. The program covers various topics related to buying a business, such as how to find and evaluate potential business opportunities, how to negotiate and finance a business purchase, and how to manage and grow a newly acquired business.

Business Buyer Advantage is a full-day class that walks you through the whole process of buying a business. Discovery, inspection, offers, funding, due diligence, closure, and transaction structuring are all part of the process.

This is the online version of the Whole Day seminar I’ve been giving in classrooms since 2009. During the last ten years, I’ve taught about 100 sessions and received excellent comments from students after each one.

This course has been highly recommended from one student to another. It has always included a money-back guarantee, and just a few individuals have ever requested a return. This is how confident I am in the material’s quality.

If you’ve ever dreamed of owning a business but are afraid to start one because of the risk, this class can help open the door to buying a successful, established business that already produces a profit.

Here’s what you’ll get in Business Buyer Advantage

  • Why would you want to own a business
  • Buying vs. Starting a business
  • How to start looking for a business
  • Understanding buyer and seller motivations
  • Negotiation fundamentals and BATNA
  • The steps in the buying process
  • Finding GOOD businesses for sale
  • Using Intermediaries
  • The initial contact with the seller
  • Understanding business processes in the interview
  • The seller’s mindset
  • Examining the business
  • Businesses vs. Companies what are you buying?
  • What is a business?
  • Normalizing financial statements (recasting)
  • SDE vs. EBITDA cash flows
  • Identifying problems
  • SWOT analysis and small businesses
  • Simple forecasting
  • Determining the value of the business
  • Methods of business valuation
  • A sample case study
  • Financing methods
  • Proper deal structure
  • Qualities of vendor vs. Institutional debt
  • Making offers
  • Actual deal examples from my business brokerage practice
  • Understanding asset vs. share purchases
  • Building your team
  • Due diligence
  • Franchises
  • Understanding risks
  • Buying a business in a recessionary economy

About David Barnett

David Barnett is a Canadian author, speaker, and business consultant who has worked with small business owners and entrepreneurs for over 20 years. He is the author of several books on business and entrepreneurship, including “Invest Local: A Guide to Superior Investment Returns in Your Own Community” and “Franchise Warnings: What You Really Need to Know Before You Buy.” His “Business Buyer Advantage” program is designed for individuals who are interested in owning and managing their own businesses but may not have the experience or resources to start a business from scratch.




Business Buyer Advantage
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